Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Waiting for Sunday

Leif Hoste has second thoughts about the Ronde. The Katusha rider who fell yesterday in de Driedaagse is off to see the wizard the oral surgeon, who will determine what's next for him. An announcement will be made by Thursday according to Sporza, where the following picture of a bloody Leif appeared today:

Leif Hoste crash

And speaking of crashes, I too hit the deck (again) a few day ago. I wasn't paying attention on a downhill section and hit a speed bump that caused me to lose control of the bike. Apart from some road rash and another cracked helmet (and maybe some headaches) I am fine. Here are my pictures that do in no way compare to what befell Hoste:

Another cracked helmet. The crack is just behind the white part

It is red too but not nearly as impressive as streaming blood

Although Hoste had bad luck, his team mate Denis Galimzyanov made up for some of it by winning today's stage of De Panne in a sprint. I too console myself in the fact that my son won a podium spot in San Dimas. Here is the 17-18 podium with Alistair in second.

San Dimas, 17-18
Meanwhile Stijn Devolder went on record saying Fabian wasn't just his problem. Tommeke better watch out too he said. Quick-Step manager and minority owner Lefevere on the other hand was not nearly as pessimistic.

We also learned that WADA has joined UCI in an effort to keep the sport pure and remove the evil sinner Contador from competition for the next 10,000 years. Another embattled rider, Iljo Keisse, meanwhile took to the start today in Oudenaarde. Iljo can race but only in Belgium. His case, dating back from 2008 remains unsettled.

Keisse at the start of stage 2 of de Driedaagse

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