Monday, March 21, 2011

Salacious grins

My sources tell me the racy E3 Prijs poster is gradually being replaced by a more modest version, seen below. Whether Cancellara and-or Boonen can match Gaelle is for the reader to decide. The version below leaves out Flecha but a slightly different version featuring a larger Cancellara and a diminutive Boonen-Flecha is also in circulation.

The more modest version

Organizers with the outdoor version

Meanwhile the E3 website shows more images featuring the playboy model. Here she is with the organizers in a better-dressed, albeit more hands-on version. 

No word what the bankers thought of that shot. Gaelle however, is very pleased with the upset and publicity caused by the poster.

In 2009, E3 used the following poster, featuring the sister of Nico Eeckhout. The caption reads, you will come and look won't you?

2009 poster
But that is not all the controversy surrounding next weekend's event. The riders will also use race radios and headphones openly defying UCI's ban. How's that for making waves?

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