Thursday, March 17, 2011

Magic Cranks

In the world of pro cycling, EPO is so yesterday.

Real pros like Fabian Cancellara use special motors, and now, it was revealed, special cranks as well. Although Denis Migani begs to differ. "Fabian doesn't have a motor," he was quoted as saying. And Migani should know, he is the mechanic. So what does Fabian have?

"Fabian rides since 2007 with revolutionary Gold Race-cranks. A special liquid is injected that reduces friction by 95%. The system can result in a gain of 2.5 seconds per kilometer and is UCI approved."

The friction is so low, these cranks can't remain still

The rest of the pro-pack apparently doesn't care and according to Migani "lots of riders are not interested in novelties and therefore they do not know the system." Or maybe they put their trust in the novelties prepared by the pharmaceutical industry?

But I can tell, not so with you, my dearest bike consumers. Gold Race may soon be as hot as the iPad2. It sounds like a must have item for any self respecting triathlete or Cat 1-2-3-4 rider. Especially since it is priced at a sweet 1,100 Euro  (only $1,542!). In short it's a steal, but you may want to wait for the SRM or Quarq CinQo power meter version, which will be just at tad under $5,000 if I calculated it right.

Saturday, la primavera.

Gas prices, always on the rise! Latest in Oakland.

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