Sunday, January 25, 2009

Clouds and sun

Yesterday was damp, cold and rainy. I went to the pool and swam 2.05 miles. I had to stop briefly around 1.75 mi because of a cramp in my foot, but it cleared up rather quickly. I swam for about 1:15 minutes in all. There was hardly anyone there.

Last night Barbara and I went to a party and we stayed up until midnight. I probably drank a bit too much while there and my stomach was a bit upset around 1:30 AM. I noticed Barb suffered too so maybe the food was the culprit? I am not sure. I seem to have very little alcohol tolerance these days. A drink or two and I am floored. More than that and I may lose my supper.

This morning I went on a 41 mile ride with Alistair. We rode to Castro Valley and stopped briefly at the golf course. We rode for 2:40 and took it easy on the down hills. It was pretty chilly going down Redwood and I was happy to be wearing a wind jacket, which I kept on throughout the ride. On the home stretch we encountered some drizzle but not enough to get wet. I burned over 2,000 calories on the ride according to Ergomo. My average power was 200W and my normalized power near 260.

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