Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coyote Hills

Yesterday I went to a party and for some reason, I ended up with a pretty upset stomach last night. I suffered some mild emesis and lost quite a bit of sleep. Not good. Then I had to wake up early this morning to drive Alistair to the Early Bird Criterium Series in Fremont. When we left it was once again quite windy and we had to open the garage door for a very brief period and get everything squared away, lest it blew all around.

We arrived early. When Alistair left to warm up, I fell asleep in the car for about three quarters of an hour. It was not really comfortable and also a little cold but it worked. I wore shorts and a t-shirt and that was not enough for the chilly morning. Fortunately, it warmed up quite nicely and by 10 AM it was in the upper sixties again. Even though I forgot an undershirt and socks I was able to go on a run wearing just one layer. Without running socks, the shoe fit was a bit tight and that would come back to haunt me later.

I ran the same 12 miles I had run earlier and once again it was a magical experience. This time the Bay was filled with haze and one could not see across. But there were birds and a strong smell of salty water hung in the air. There were a few more bikers this time around, but they were hardly noticeable. Long stretches of silence with no one in sight.

When I got back to Coyote Hills I had to stop briefly because my right toenail was hurting badly. It is loose -courtesy of the Arizona ironman- and can be lifted up, but it remains attached on one side. It was bumping against my shoe and causing some damage and minor bleeding. I was not able to rip it off but I did manage to move it out of the way a bit so I could finish the run.

By the time I got back the pro-1-2-3 race was finishing and we got in the car and drove back. Alistair did well in his race, and he also got his team clothing while there so he was a happy camper. Feeling exhausted I fell asleep after lunch.

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