Monday, January 12, 2009

Heat wave

We hit 76 today. It must be a record. It was also windy as can be. Our garbage cans flew down the stairs, spilling garbage and recycling everywhere and breaking bottles and jars in the process. It was a glorious mess to wake up to.

I skipped making coffee and cleaned it up. Then moved them and they promptly flew down once again. That took all the time I had before driving the kids to school. So much for breakfast.

I secured the cans and put a bungee cord over the top so they would not spill. So far so good.I drove the kids to school and went for a brief swim and all was well. But when I was ready to leave for my meeting, another gust blew them down for a third time, making another fantastic mess. 

Overall this little game took over an hour and the upshot was that I had to move the cans away from the street. So no pickup. The good news? Most of the garbage was gone anyways, gone with the wind.

I will be in meetings all week so there won't be much time for exercise. Today I swam a mile in 35 minutes (not too good) and that was it. It was very windy in the pool too. Windy but warm.

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