Friday, January 2, 2009

Rain and fog

Today started out pretty bad. Heavy fog and drizzle followed by rain. We need the water, but I would still prefer if it only fell at night. No such luck. It has cleared up a bit now but there is still a heavy cloud cover over 4/5 of the sky, and the ground is wet and soggy.

I went to the club and did a "45/30," workout. Even though I label them all 45/30, i.e. 45 minutes on the stationary bike and 30 on the treadmill, the more recent ones have been quite a bit more heavy duty than the first ones I did several weeks ago. I now routinely "bike" 17 miles, whereas before I barely reached 15, and I run almost 4 miles, whereas before I made it only up to 3 at the most (I was injured too).

The stationary bike reads 1,200+ calories, but I think it is way off. I have to work a lot harder to burn 1,000 on my Griffen (with Ergomo) and that takes more than one hour to do. Here I am supposedly burning 1,200 in 45 minutes. Clearly something is not right. Although I do work hard on the stationary bike and my heart rate is above 160 for the better part of the effort.

The treadmill is more accurate, although still optimistic. I should probably say it is  more in line with my expectations--and other treadmills.  It records an effort of about 500-600 calories for the 30 minutes. I seem to recall other treadmills read around 400 for a 3.1/5k run.

According to my Ergomo, I burn about 40-50 calories per mile, at cruising speed, on the bike -nothing on descents of course, and a bit more on the climbs. My healthrider treadmill, which is now broken, always put my running effort at about 120 calories per mile. Somewhere between 110-130 seems to be the treadmill "consensus."

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