Sunday, January 11, 2009


A warm day. Upper sixties to seventy with plenty of sunshine. Yesterday we hit 69, a record for Oakland. Today may be warmer.

I decided to test the new trainer I bought on eBay. It takes a bit of getting used to compared to rollers. Since the trainer clamps the rear wheel, all the movement is in front. That feels different from the rollers with fork stand because there, the front is immobile while the tail moves around gently from side to side.

I also noticed my Michelins slip on the roller. Maybe the adjustment is not tight enough? Or maybe I need another tire? The slip makes the pedal cycle jerky and strange. I am pretty sure it is the tire since it goes away when I pedal more gently. It also gets better once I am up to speed and the flywheel keeps things rolling.

I rode for 25 minutes at about 190W average, burning 313 calories. I put the bike outside because it was warm and I noticed that I sweat a whole lot less out there in the wind. Even a slight breeze makes an enormous difference. That despite the fact that my rollers have a wind machine that creates quite a concentrated blast. But I guess it is all pretty minor compared to real wind. It is also possible that the garage traps the heat.

Afterwards we went swimming and I swam about a mile. I had to stop because of leg cramps but I did swim a good pace while I was at it. Overall, about 45 minutes of swimming. A good day.

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