Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I rode for an hour on the trainer today. Tightened up the wheel a bit and the tire did not slip so there was no jerky movement this time. Much better. I burned 925 calories according to the Ergomo. My average wattage was 235. Makes me wonder about the stationary bike at the club where I can burn 1,100 calories in 45 minutes. Something is not right. 

Yesterday was a very busy day. With the investor meeting in the city I had no time for exercise. Also had a mishap with a flat tire on the highway and that took up part of my morning. I took a day off--first day off this year. 

Meanwhile the weather is just superb. We are hitting new records and day time temperatures are in the upper sixties to low seventies. The only drawback here at the house is the gusty winds. Unlike earlier, the winds are warm now and they contribute to our dry and hot weather.

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