Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More swimming

Yesterday I swam two miles, all freestyle, non-stop. Not the fastest swim but a decent pace. Yesterday was another record setting day, although it was getting cooler than the week before. Today started overcast, with slight showers in the afternoon. It is definitely cooler now and we won't be setting any records today.

I took the kids to the pool and swam 1.5 miles non-stop but at a pretty fast pace. Although I did not time myself, I definitely swam harder and faster than yesterday. I mostly kept up with Alistair who is a faster swimmer than I am. (Once again) I feel like I am getting faster. I can surely swim faster over shorter distances, but the improvements never show at longer distances. Maybe this time it will be for real and hold up at Ironman distances.

I appear to have gained some weight over the holidays. Fewer hours and shorter rides do make a difference, and all the "partying" and lounging around at the JPMorgan meeting surely did not help.

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