Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Economy minus

Airline companies aren´t into enduring love. Even though I acquired nearly half a million life-time miles on United, the fact that I did not fly much recently means I have no status left. I spent a good 16 hours in a cramped airline seat flying to Belgium on Monday. No chance to sleep really.

It is pretty cold here and rainy but there are still cyclists on the road. Cyclists as in racers. People are pretty tough here. They don´t mind some rain or an ice-cold wind. Not enough to leave their bikes at home in any case.

So far, no exercise. Just taking it easy, getting some dental work done and visiting family. Getting used to a funny French-style keyboard, where everything is in the wrong place. A keyboard littered with special accent keys and other symbols, where the all-important at-sign is cleverly hidden.

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