Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More record sunshine

The records keep falling. Monday was great, and so was today. Earlier, when I picked up the kids from school, the thermometer read 71F (nearly 22C). It just keeps going and going (although it is supposed to get cooler on Thursday).

Yesterday I did a second 4,000 yd swim. It took 1:15 approximately -it is hard to time at the pool- but it sounds about right. All freestyle, non-stop, and feeling a whole lot better after I finish than just six months ago. I guess the long swims are working for me. I am more convinced than ever that swimming is about power.

Here is what John Cobb wrote: "Swimming is just futile, every now and then you get a few laps where it's all working, you feel the water rushing over you, then, suddenly you're not doing you elbow right or something. More laps is all I hear for advice." 

I think he captures it just right. One does get sloppy and then the magic disappears. I have described similar experiences and I think others experience it too. That may give one the impression that swimming is all about form. But the reason why one gets sloppy has a lot to do with being tired or not having the muscle stamina to keep one's form. It is really more about muscle power and endurance. The form "finds itself," i.e. your body figures out a way that works for you.

Today, I rode my mountain bike for a good 30 miles. Went through Redwood, down Pinehurst, to Bort, up the grade and back on Goldenrod. After a short stretch on Skyline, back into Redwood park and on home. With a little extra loop down to Fish Ranch.

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