Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend foibles

Today was the season opener, the Cherry Pie Criterium in Napa, CA. I did not ride because I don't have a road bike right now, but Alistair rode the Junior race. He did well too, considering crits are not his forte. Several of his team mates crashed and Marcus Smith hurt his elbow pretty bad. It was very cold in Napa and although I brought my run-outfit, I did not attempt to go running. 

When we came home I went to the pool instead. It wasn't a great experience. I swam 150 laps in all (almost 1.75 miles), but had a cramp in my foot around a 1 mile. That went away and I was pretty happy but then my left calf cramped up so bad at 125 laps that I had to get out of the pool and walk. In doing so, I tripped and fell over, hurting my back. I did get back in and swam another 25 laps but that was it. The whole experience took 1:06. I did swim the first 53 (1/4 IM distance) in 20 minutes, which is equal to my best IM time.

Yesterday I had another bad experience, when I found my Ergomo dead. So far I have not been able to "revive" it. I tried the reset and charging, and various other combo-button presses, but so far, it has not come alive again. The screen is totally blank. It worked fine earlier in the week and the battery was low so I recharged it and that is when I found it with a totally blank screen.

I rode my tribike, without the Ergomo and I do think I rode pretty hard although I have no objective data. I went down Redwood, over S. Pinehurst, to Moraga, Orinda, over Wildcat and over Grizzly. Then I added 4 miles at the end for a total of 39~40 miles. I was pretty tired last night. Then I had to wake up early today.

Tomorrow I go to DC for the NIO policy tour. Very likely no workouts for three days. I wonder how that will go? I will likely be pretty wired when I get back;)

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