Saturday, February 21, 2009


After two more sessions on the stationary bike, one in the evening for 40 minutes, and one the next day for 50, I finally rode outside again. And it was pretty cold. High for the day, the warmest day of the year so far, 9 centigrade. Less than 50 fahrenheit. Still there was some sun and lots of riders were out.

I rode from my sister´s house, along the Tour of Flanders route to Oudenaarde. First some teeth-rattling cobbles and then a small road blocked by a big truck delivering heating oil. No way around that so I choose an alternative route. I took the main highway to Oudenaarde. Then on to Ronse and then right to Kluisbergen. Along the way I made a little detour on the Koppenberg in Melden, a Tour of Flanders staple.

Narrow, steep, relatively long and cobble-stone paved, the climb took my breath away, quite literally that is. I got to the top but I was out of breath. I also used whatever width the road had to offer, not something you can do in a race I am sure. I rode the Hotond (the Hoogberg) and then back to Gavere and Waregem. By then I had been on the road for 2 hours. I had 12 km to go.

Overall it was a great ride. I was wearing three-plus several layers and was cold only at the start. I also rode some time with a four man team, that was followed by a car. Good thing too, because one guy broke his handlebars while climbing. Never seen that before either, one half broke off at the stem and he had half a handlebar left.

Tomorrow if weather permits, I will do another short ride.

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