Sunday, February 1, 2009

Warm and sunny

Another exceptional weekend. Today is even better than yesterday. We are probably in or near record territory again.

Yesterday I rode 33 miles, going over Grizzly, down Wildcat to Orinda-Moraga and back over Pinehurst. I rode the first 10 miles with Alistair who did not want to ride hard because he had a race on Sunday. I did ride hard though, and my NP for the entire ride was 265. I don't think I have ever seen it that high for a 30+ mile ride. I burned 1,700 calories and rode a little more than 2:10.

Today we went to the Early Birds and Alistair raced 3/4. I watched them for a while and he was doing great, always near the front, etc. Since the weather was quite warm I decided to start running a bit earlier. I ran my 12 mile loop out to the Bay and back, this time going over the Coyote Hills to the Nike trail (not the highest one, but the two others).

The weather was superb and more people were out. Still, once past the hills (mile 9 on the Creek trail left) it thinned out considerably. The air was so crisp and clear you felt like you could just stick out your hand and touch the tiny houses on the other side of the bay. A totally new experience, several loud Canada geese flying overhead and nearby, but otherwise quiet and still. The water in the ponds, mirror flat; The air hard blue; The hills covered in green.

For a while I ran behind a rather large group of cycle-tourists that did not seem to make any headway. It gave me great motivation to try and keep up with them. But they stopped at mile 9 and did not get going again until I had returned. Still, I kept on imagining they would catch me and that gave me extra incentive to run hard all the way to the Bay.

Alistair finished in the middle of the pack. He was not too happy about it. Not sure what happened.

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