Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tour of California

The Tour of California started today. It is the year of the come-back kids. Lance, Michael Rogers, Floyd, Ivan, Tyler, it seems all the old stars are coming back. Not surprisingly, Fabian Cancellara won the prologue beating everybody by a solid margin. Levi did surprise by ending second, losing only a little more than a second to Fabian. But what I found most surprising was to see Tommeke in 7th overall.

Alistair and I went on a 33 mile ride, despite the cold weather (low 50s) and chilly wind. Many times it looked like we were going to get rained on, but we dodged it every time. My ergomo is back, it suddenly responded to a reset and some fiddling with the charger plug (I suspect there is a bad contact in the charger plug). I am quite happy to have it back and I find it a most useful device. I wish they had better Mac support, but now that they are out of business, the only thing I can hope for is that it keeps working.

I rode pretty well. The trip took 2:02 and I burned 1,606 calories. My top power was 620W, my average 207 and my NP 254.  As I indicated before, NP correlates very well with my subjective impressions and whenever I feel like I rode hard, it registers above 250.  I find it the most useful display on the whole device.

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