Friday, February 13, 2009

Inclement weather

Back from DC where it was nice and warm, to San Francisco, where it is cold and wet. Yesterday we had a dry interlude in the rain although it was pretty cold. I went on a 30 mile mountain bike ride in Redwood and Chabot. This time I rode the Goldenrod loop and came back over McDonald. Overall it was pretty muddy and one could certainly tell that I had been off-road.

The trails were OK though and even though there was mud everywhere, nowhere was it deep enough to get bogged down or lose significant traction. I only "slipped" once and had to hop a few steps before clipping in again. At one point I had an encounter with a dog that would not stop and whose owner was clearly not in control. She was also deeply immersed in her iPod and was totally unaware of her surroundings. Not good.

Today, more showers with periods of clearing in-between. I swam for an hour and 10 minutes and covered 160 laps (or 3,200 yds, or 3/4 of an ironman swim). I had some minor trouble with pre-cramping in my right foot but nothing bad enough to make me stop. Although I was quite happy when it was all over. I did swim the first 53 much faster than the second 53, and then I slowed down some more on the third "set." Not that I stopped or anything and I did a continuous free-style from start to finish.

Added another 3/4 mile swim in the afternoon. In the driving rain, but it felt really good. I was going fast (I think).

I am happy to report that a second person has joined team Cindy. Eight more slots to go!

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