Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another day, another muur

Today we went to see Flèche Wallonne in Huy. On the mur in Huy to be specific. Quite different from the muur in Geraardsbergen. And we got in our training rides in -well, we means everyone but me- and some good drafting practice. Huy is about 40 kilometers so three guys rode there while the other two rode back. That way everyone got to have some time in the car and some time riding. Here are some shots:

Alex and Alistair put their bikes on the car to ride back

John gets a new wheel

John had a flat and Alex fixed it while driving

Crowds on the mur waiting for the pros

The leaders are coming

17 minutes later, the pack:

Alex and Alistair drafting on the way back

Nature calls

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