Sunday, April 24, 2011

More carnage

Wow, what a birthday it has been so far. As mentioned before John and Addison are out, so we started with four riders today. John rode in the car and Addison volunteered for feed.

Easter egg

capuccino Belgian style (with whipped cream)

Two more riders crashed today, right before the 1st KOM at 40K. Both Alistair and Alex ended up in a 50 man crash that involved all teams. Alistair's bike was totally messed up (handlebars bent, wheel badly out of true, brake lever crooked) so he needed a new bike. Alex came off unscathed but both of them lost contact with the pack. With a lot of help Alistair almost bridged (he got as far as car 1) but no cigar. Though he did manage to make it to the finish line at the first of the five local circuits. There he was taken out of the race, but because he made it that far he most likely will be able to start tomorrow.

My beautiful moots

Alex unfortunately was swept up by the van so his race is over. Later during the local the circuits Hunter flatted on the second lap and he too lost contact with the furious pace and was taken out. Eric was the only who managed to finish in the pack. Several US National Team riders also suffered the same fate. Kyle was out right near where Alistair and Alex crashed, and Scott lost it half a lap past where Hunter dropped out. Cristo also stopped, apparently with a stomach issue.

Erik after the race, with Alex in the background

Matt Lipscomb managed to get into the winning break and ended up in 8th overall. Hats off to that. More later on tonight, plus pictures.

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