Thursday, April 21, 2011

T-1 and counting

First things first: Gilbert won Flèche Wallonne in a most amazing display of power. It was his third victory in a row. Sunday is Liege-Bastogne-Liege, but unfortunately we will be racing (very nearby too) and won't have time to concentrate on that.

You may also have noted that the weather here is nothing short of spectacular. It is just like summer. Temperatures hover between 25 and 30 C (77-86F) and it stays warm well into the night. Yesterday I rode to the Dutch city of Maastricht and at many points along the way I could see thermometers reading 27 and more.

Today is the day before the big race. Last night the guys entertained themselves by playing pranks on one another, something that continued well into the morning. Earlier, John bought a new helmet, Erik got some aero-gloves, and everyone had crepes at a side-walk cafe on the square. Later, they spent some time getting the bikes in order, planning a trip to the laundromat, installing new tires and aerobars. Hunter still hasn't joined us, he had planned to come yesterday but then hit a little snag with his ATM card. He is scheduled to arrive at noon. The guys are going out on a ride now (at 11:00 AM)

Addison chilling out

Alex reading email

Alistair was out, making him a good target for pranks

Last ride


At the Dutch border, I rode here last night, today the guys will go there

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