Monday, April 11, 2011

By the seat of their pants

The infamous and classic Queen of the Classics had many memorable moments this year. First we saw Tommeke standing all alone in Arenberg looking forlorn with his flat rear wheel while the whole pack raced by. Not too long after that an official car blocked the Quickstep vehicle that was trying to pace Tom and friends back into the race. Then on a further stretch of cobbles, a rider crashed in front of Boonen and Tom hit the deck and that was that for 2011.

The beginning of the end

Fabian and Husovd barely missed a motorcycle that messed up their rhythm while they were in hot pursuit of Vansummeren. Well, maybe Fabian was chasing and Thor only hung on for good measure.

Cancellara misses motorcycle

At least there were no trains this time around.

Earlier we heard that Allesandro Ballan faces prosecution in Italy in another major doping sting. Also implicated is his compatriot Damiano Cunego, who just won the Tour of the Apennines.  And finally we witnessed Kurt Arvesen riding a good 20 km with a loose saddle. Don't try this at home.


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