Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cav survives crashes and wins

Despite the fact that Quick-step pulled out all the stops, they could not secure the Scheldeprijs. The win, which came amidst a crash-fest that has become somewhat of a routine in Schoten, went to none other than Mark, the man-missile Cavendish. Wouter Weyland and Tyler Farrar hit the deck instead of the podium. Boasson Hagen hit a tree and broke three ribs. But all that pales in comparison to Sjef De Wilde from Veranda's Willems who broke two neck vertebrae, including C1 with a distinct risk for quadriplegia. Sjef flew over a fence and ended up with a cerebral hemorrhage as well.

Quick-step's Chicchi was sixth. Steegmans, Devolder and Boonen rolled in with minor delays, near the end at 75, 90 and 116 respectively.

Meanwhile, I'd like to draw every endurance racer's attention to the fact that TeamCindy, an organization that raises funds and awareness for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, has 3 open slots for Escape from Alcatraz. If you have a strong desire to brave the cold waters of the San Francisco Bay, now is the time to jump in. Everyone knows that swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco gives life-long bragging rights akin to having one's cobble in the window at the Ronde Centrum in Oudenaarde.

TeamCindy also has one slot open for Ironman Lake Placid 2011, another crowd favorite that is fully sold out.

For those of you brave enough to enter the waters at dawn, but somewhat tentative about fundraising for charities, let me assure you that TeamCindy will stand by you all the way to make both your race and your campaign a great success.

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