Friday, April 1, 2011

Let the games begin

I sure hope my extended blogular holiday is not an unnecessary test of the reader's endurance. Therefore I submit to you the following tidbits and photographic marvels.

-For you endurance racers out there, TeamCindy has one open slot for IM Lake Placid 2011, and two for Escape to Alcatraz 2011. Both races have been sold out for months. All you have to do is raise some money for charity.

-The Ronde is coming. But you already knew that. The question is now, will Fabian repeat or as some have suggested, produce an even more stunning victory a la Harelbeke?

The Koppenberg show is coming

-CAS/TAS will make sure Alberto does not start the Tour, thereby giving a much deserved chance to the soon-to-be-oldest winner of the event. Here's to you, mates!

You asked for it pistolero

-Gas prices keep rising, but rather than consume less, we prefer to drill more.

Up and up we go!
And finally, the obligatory April Fool joke: unemployment is down and the economy is on the mend. If you believe that you should buy futures on spaghetti. Rumor has it Italy is expecting a bumper crop this year.

Bumper crop

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