Friday, April 15, 2011

To the muur

Everyone but me slept late today. The guys did not wake up until 10:30. After breakfast we decided to go to Geraardsbergen and ride the muur. Since everyone is racing tomorrow we did not want to ride too long, so we took the highway to Brakel and from there to Geraardsbergen. It isn't the nicest biking road around but it is quite fast. After climbing Edelare berg, we headed out to Brakel.

Trying on the team clothing

Addison getting ready

From Brakel we went to Geraardsbergen. Once we got to there, we got ready for the 1km climb from the vesten up the muur and the kapelmuur. John and Addison went up the front and climbed the stretch in 3+ minutes, or about as fast as the Ronde riders do it. We took some pictures near the top and then headed down for a quick coffee on the Markt.

On top of the kapelmuur

The cafe on top of the muur proper

Fixing the bike in Geraardsbergen

We rode back and descended Volkegemberg. Then we did a quick ascent of the Wolvenberg and headed back to Oudenaarde, where we stopped by the Flanders store to secure some spare wheels for our stage race next week. All in all it was a very fun ride and the temperature was great at 17C/63F. Most of the time it was overcast but occasionally we saw some sun.

"filter" the quintessential Belgian coffee

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