Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thank you

The last few days we've been so busy I almost forgot to tell you about the spectacular victory of Philippe Gilbert in Liège-Bastogne-Liège. We saw it all happen in real time while driving in the caravan for the Ster thanks to the built-in TV in our car. Although we were very busy we managed to see Gilbert leave the Schleck brothers behind while he won his fourth race in a row on Sunday.

Now that our adventure is coming to a close I would like to thank the following people and groups for their support:

Above Category Racing, Above Category Cycling and Chad Norwall who generously provided kits for the riders. Those Assos bibs made the team look really sharp.

Rocktape and Greg van den Dries, who provided us with cycling kits and tape.

Cyclingsupport.be for giving us access to a ProTour type car with all built-in amenities and gadgets.
Bruno Naessens, the CEO of Cyclingsupport and his son Simon, who was our driver and helper during the event.

Flanders Cycles (Oudenaarde), the Asfra Racing Team and Luc and Ronny Assez, who provided us with spare bikes and wheels.

The Chainstay and Gregg Germer, who provided us with transport, rollers, pumps and other necessities (such as getting kalenderkaarten).

Ralf Medlof for his advice and help.

Omer Bovy, the organizer of the race, who invited us to come to this most fantastic event.

Many of the support personnel of the Ster, who I do not know by name, but who helped us with local transport and arrangements.

Het Begeinhof in Tongeren and Ward Mouha who made our stay easy and pleasant.

I would also like to thank the riders and their parents and coaches who believed in this adventure and made it happen!

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