Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beernem kermis koers

Today we went to Beernem to race a kermis koers using our new wheels:
"Team car"

The race was a 77 km squarish "loop" of 7.7 km. The roads were wide -except the backstretch where it went through the woods- and smooth but there were lots of islands and traffic obstacles. This made for an "exciting" few laps with lots of crashes and a few angry parents. 139 people started but pretty soon the pack was down to 100 or so. There were premies/ primes on every lap so there was quite a bit of excitement and sprinting going on but overall the pace was not excessive (1:55 total time). The one and two person breaks never got further away than 20 seconds.

Addison before the start
Alex adjusting his glasses
John taking a nap. He was under the weather today

The weather was warm but overcast. For a while it looked like it might rain but it never did. The guys did well except Addison who got caught behind a crash and flipped over his bike into the scenery. Apart from some nettle stings he was Ok though. But once again his race was cut short and that left him pretty disappointed.

Beernem finish :

John ended up in 63rd and Alex in 67th so they were "out of the money,"even though the race paid 50 deep. After the race we stopped by a frituur on the road to Oudenaarde and had frieten en brochetten (fries and kebabs).

Frieten a piece of Belgicana

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