Sunday, April 24, 2011

More shots

More shots from today (April 24):
Hunter hurt his wrist and we used Rocktape to stabilize it

Central square Tongeren

Stock Americain
After World War II the US decided not to bring back all the army supplies they had shipped to Europe. They sold them in large lots to local stores that then sold them back to the public. The stores were known as "stock americain" or American overstock. They sold all kinds of stuff the army left behind from uniforms to jeeps to spare parts. Over time, stock americain has become synonymous with a large store where you can buy cheap goods (mostly hardware). I was surprised to find this one near Tongeren along the highway.

Officials before the race start in Bilzen

Menu at the Begeinhof bar

Tower in Tongeren

Alistair and Alex before the race
road to Bilzen

Race starts from Bilzen

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