Saturday, April 30, 2011


Yesterday Alistair and I had another encounter with the fabulous US Healthcare system, this time in the form of Kaiser Permanente. One thing is blatantly obvious from this brief encounter: while Kaiser may advertise "Thrive," their more correct slogan is "Pay or perish." It is so interesting to contrast this brief encounter with the one John had while in Tongeren. Not only was ours much more complex, much more draining and much more expensive -despite the fact that John had no insurance and we do-, but Kaiser also made it plain that they really don't care about our well-being unless we pay.

Here are some more pictures from the kermis koers at Geluveld. If it seems as if the pictures trickle in, note that my iPhone-iPhoto sync is out of whack and getting pictures out is now a real challenge. No more plug and play here.
Before the start:

Alex was nervous for his first race in Belgium

The corner, 'tHoekske

Top of the climb

The finish

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