Monday, April 25, 2011

Ster wrap-up, more to follow

Today was the last stage in the Ster van Zuid Limburg. It was easily the hardest and longest stage with the most climbing. The pace was fast and trouble started as soon as the riders left St. Truiden. We lost Alistair  due to a crash. That same crash also took out many other riders. Erik crashed a little further down the road but was able to rejoin a smaller group that made it to the finish line. Hunter was the only one who survived in the pack. Unfortunately, Matt Lipscomb, who was in second in GC also ended up in the same situation.

We finished with two riders remaining in the race, Erik and Hunter. All in all it wasn't a bad result given how badly other teams fared. Some of the best Belgian teams, like Avia and Balen lost riders in the race and some teams were out altogether. Given that more than half of our riders had never raced in Belgium before, we did pretty well. I will post a more detailed report later.

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