Friday, April 29, 2011

A few updates and more pictures

UCI said Iljo Keisse can race (abroad) again on August 6. Ironically enough due to a lot of legal wrangling the embattled cyclist who can race only in Belgium may soon be barred from racing there until a later date. A decision about that is expected on May 24.

Cycling has now entered its quiet period after the Spring Classics and just before the Grand Tours. Various smaller Tours and Grand Prix events are going on right now but these rarely grab headlines. There is the Tour of Rioja in Spain, the Tour of Turkey, the Tour of Romandie and the Tour of Asturias. A win in these events may be just enough to displace the various prognostications about the upcoming Giro or the news of yet another doping scandal.

Here are some more pictures from the Belgian trip, in no particular order:
Alex after a ride

Breakfast before the Ster stage 1

Erik wearing compression socks

Team dinner

Paperwork for Ster entry

Pasta in the square: sometimes you need a second dinner

Team cars arrive at the Begeinhof

Some teams bring trucks full of bikes

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