Friday, April 22, 2011


Today the Ster starts. All the guys are ready and in good spirits. I have to attend the manager's meeting at noon (about to leave) and then we will be busy for the rest of the day. The first two go with me -they start around 4:30. The others will be picked up at 3:00 PM. Hopefully the weather will hold.

Our last rider (Alistair) goes off at 7:20. Addison is our first rider and he will also be the first rider on the course.

It will be a long day and there won't be any updates until much later. Results will probably be posted on the Wielerbond pages before I have time to post them. Look at the bottom right of the page. When the star is posted next to the race name, results are in.

The race is Ster van Zuid-Limburg in Gingelom (Borlo). It is a 2.14.NAT.

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