Friday, April 22, 2011

Results are in

The results are in and the guys did OK. Times were very close with Hunter at 7:12, Erik at 7:14, John, Alistair and Alex at 7:19 and Addison at 7:29. Winning time was 6:21. Best US finish belonged to the National Team Jorgenson at 6:37 in 9th overall.

In my opinion, Erik rode the best TT making the fewest mistakes. He was fluid, cornered well and rode smoothly. Hunter was quite good too and so was Alex. Alex could have gone faster on the climbs. Hunter rode without a disk but then again I don't think disks matter much on this short a distance.

Both John and Alistair had weak spots where they were struggling and both took some time to get into their right rhythm. John finished very strongly at high speed but it was too late to undo the damage. Addison seemed to struggle up the first hill but then again he was in the worst possible spot, starting as the first rider of the day.

We keep our fingers crossed and see what tomorrow brings. Everyone did well today and all learned a valuable lesson.

Unfortunately because our results were so tight we ended up in  29/33 in the team classification. That means our team car will be very far down the line in the caravan.

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